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“Chakra and Aura Healing Diploma from The Centre of Excellence” 

I have found peace with my past and joy in my future. This transformation led me into the universal unlimited healing energies. I have undergone comprehensive training in Biofield Tuning, a powerful healing practice, from the esteemed Eileen McKusick in San Diego, California. Through training I learned how to efficiently identify and use tuning forks to clear negative energy and beliefs that no longer serve my clients.I have been blessed to help clients, both in person and remotely, with this transformational modality. Along with Biofield Tuning, I also offer enlightening astrological readings that are designed to help clients gain insight into their unique strengths and weaknesses based on their birth chart.

I have a Chakra and Aura Healing Diploma from The Centre of Excellence and am trained in Aura Camera sessions that enable me to provide clients with detailed reports and comprehensive guidance to help them feel more balanced and harmonious. It is my privilege and honor to empower clients with these healing practices and offer them a holistic path towards achieving their wellbeing.

What People are Saying

Dana Mann
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I've done a lot of Biofield Therapy with Chey and it's so helpful to balance my chakras and restore the body's energy to its rightful place. Her knowledge and intuition led her right to problem spots and her calm personality facilitates rapid healing
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I am so glad I found Chey! She has really helped me discover my body's energy and getting it balanced. She is so knowledgeable in Biofield Therapy, and her kind and gentle demeanor is calming.
Donna DeVerniero
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I am so impressed with Cheys work with tuning forks. I had a long standing injury that started out as a frozen shoulder that lasted over two years, and then left me with chronic pain in the front of my shoulder, an inflamed Bicep tendon. No amount of massage, or ice/ heat, rest or exercise seemed to help beyond a few hours. One treatment with Chey's tuning forks and the pain was gone completely. It's been 2 years now and it never came back. I have had remote treatments as well for headaches and other issues that have been relieved through her work. And regardless of those results I always feel fabulous when I am done with a treatment. She's highly skilled, intuitive and knows what she's doing. I highly recommend Chey's Tuning fork treatments !!
Kelly Fricke
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Chey has helped me immensely! Receiving biofield tuning has been a wonderful experience for me. Chey has helped me discover imbalances in my energy field and harmonize my body. She's also helped me with muscle pain and sciatica. She is so kind, empathetic and someone I like to be around. I highly recommend Chey to all who are interested in biofield tuning.
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For years my neck was very restrictive and painful. I could handle the restriction but the pain was more than I wanted to deal with. When Chey tuned my neck and back I could tell the pain level was lower. After the third tuning session, the pain was gone and the restriction was less.